The Wedding
Tom Fisher & Diana Schroen
December 27, 2008

I had lived with my family in Albuquerque and now it was 2005. The family had moved on in life and the cats had vanished over the last few years and I had retired from a wonderful job with the Indian Health Service.

I had begun dating a number of very nice ladies, mostly brought together by a computer dating service. On one of these dates I had arranged to meet a lady named Diana for lunch. Our conversations via email had been stimulating and the anticipation of meeting her in person was very exciting. I had arrived in the parking lot of our luncheon date and I had just finished talking with a business associate named Linda on my cell phone. I semi-composed myself and walked to the door of the eating establishment and immediately saw the lady I was to meet. I said "Hi Linda", and in mid-sentence knew I had blown it as her name is Diana. Diana said very calmly "My name is Diana". I recovered for the flubbed introduction and figured this lunch would not go well as I couldn't even get her name correct. Well it went well and she was fascinating. I walked her to her car and said good-bye and thought to myself "Wow, she is nice but calling her the wrong name probably ended a good thing before it even started".

When I got to my next appointment of the day I sent "Diana" a note saying how much I enjoyed our date and low and behold she responded back that she enjoyed it also.

As Diana was in the process of buying a German boxer and I had never seen one I made arrangements to come see her new dog in the high country of the Sandia's. Her dog was beautiful and cute. We also toured her house and looked at her beautiful paintings, talked about the dog, and walked trough huge forest around her house.

We chatted on the phone a few times and I had her over to my house and we where having fun together. I was amazed that our interests and goals where so similar.

I took Diana on her first Balloon flight one morning, then hiked Tent Rocks in the afternoon and had dinner at the Range Cafe in Bernalillo, later Diana commented that it was a perfect date. Over the next year or so we took some neat trips to places like San Diego; New York City; Duluth, Minnesota; and visited with my sister in Kansas. On the second year anniversary of our meeting I asked her to marry me and she accepted. We then spent three weeks in Australia. As you can see from this web page things worked and 39 months and 12 days after we meet we where married.

Decorating for the Event

The Morning of the Wedding

Our Families

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Tourning the Town with Family

Honeymoon - December 31, 2008 - January 5, 2009